Automotive Detailing

In The Clear Auto Marine strive to ensure our customers receive the best results, we do this by choosing the most technically advanced ceramics on the market.

The ceramic coatings we use range in durability from 12 months right up to 9 years.

Vehicle manufactures paint systems differ from one another, we will select the best suited ceramic coating to compliment your paint type.

We are confident that our coatings will not only look good but also have the durability to endure our Australian climate and environment.

We offer yearly inspections on all vehicle that have been ceramic coated in addition we also provide scheduled maintenance detailing.

Getting your vehicle ceramic coated specifically protects against the following:

Colour Fading

Acid Rain


Bug Splatter

Bird Droppings

Harmful UV Rays

Tree Sap

Brake dust

Road & traffic film


Industrial fallout

Ceramic Paint Protection

Most Robust Coating Protection Available
Keep Your Vehicle Looking New For Longer

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Value
Warrantied Durability, Beauty,& Protection


Polymer Sealants

Paint Protection Films

ITC Ceramic Coatings

Ease Of Maintenance
UV Protection